Friday, August 19, 2011

10 Personal Questions

Kelly had these 10 personal questions on her blog this week.  Caitlin, over at (another blog I absolutely love) started the 10 personal questions series, and I like these questions so here we go!
What are you really good at?  What are you really bad at?
I am really good at: teaching special needs students, staying active, writing, meeting new people, budgeting, cooking/baking, planning vacations, setting goals (and making sure I achieve them!).

I am really bad at: remembering where I put things, singing (even though I do it in the car, all the time, loudly...), putting dishes in the dishwasher (I often leave them in the sink til the end of the night and it drives Ronnie crazy!), saying "no" when someone asks me to do something I don't want to do.

Have you ever been in a car accident?  What happened?
I have been in 2 fender benders.  The first one was when I was little and my mom got "love tapped."  It was not her fault and luckily no one was hurt.  The second one was definitely my fault.  I was 16, I'd had my license for a couple of months, and I was driving my dad's huge truck.  No one was hurt and the lady I hit was very nice about it, thank goodness!

Why did you attend your college?
I went to the University of Miami for several reasons that were really important to me at the time.  I felt suffocated and really wanted to see new places and start fresh in a lot of ways.  I only applied to schools that were at least an 8 hour drive away, with the exception of one school in Boston.  Miami was a good experience for me.  I became a very serious student and graduated with a 3.89 GPA.  I made some great friends and had a very fun college experience.  Unfortunately I don't keep in touch with most of my college friends.  We all kind of went our separate ways after graduation, and my destiny led me right back home.  I realized how much I missed New England when I was studying abroad in Britain.  That year abroad was one of the best of my life, and when I returned to Miami for my senior year, I knew I would head back to Mass after graduation. 

Describe your morning routine today.
Ha, I'm writing this post in bed!  I have a few scattered days off from work between summer school and the beginning of the school year.  Usually those days off are very productive, but today the only productive thing I've done so far is write this blog post!  In my defense, it is incredibly rare for me to sleep past 7am, ever!

Have you ever snooped through someone else's things?  Did you find anything interesting?
I guess I must have at some point, but I don't recall ever snooping through someone else's things.

What do you think happens when you die?
I think our bodies go back to the earth and become part of a new life cycle.  The earth needs carbon to create life, and our bodies help it do that.  I think that is a wonderful thing and I'm perfectly fine with it.  I don't really know if I believe that our soul's live on forever, but if they do I like to think that we are reincarnated in some way. 

Are you superstitious?
I am obnoxiously superstitious about sports.  I still believe that the Patriots lost to Green Bay in Superbowl XXXI because I wore my Bledsoe jersey for that game instead of keeping it in my room where it had been all season.  I also believe that the Bruins won the Stanley Cup this year because of a very elaborate superstition system, including when I could wear my Chara jersey and when I could not wear my Bruins t-shirt.  Clearly my superstitions have a lot to do with clothing.... I never realized this before.

Do people think you are younger or older than you actually are?
When I was in middle school/high school people always thought I was older.  Then, when I started teaching, everyone thought I was one of the high school students.  Now I think it has tapered off and I pretty much look my age. 

How did your parents' relationship influence you?
They showed me that there is such a thing as soul mates.  That love can last a lifetime.  That it is possible for a marraige to last forever.  That in order for that marraige to last forever it can be really difficult, take a lot of compromise, and a lot of hard work. That all the hard work is 100% worth it. 

My parents were always a team growing up.  They agreed on how we would be raised, what was ok and what was not ok, and rules and discipline were always clear.  There was no running off to ask Dad because Mom said no so maybe I can pit them against each other.  They are a great parenting team, and I hope to raise my children with that strong foundation someday.

What were the three happiest moments of your life?
Oh boy, I can only pick three? Ok fine...
1. The moment I found out I got my first full time teaching position. 
2. The moment Ronnie got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. And the next day when we were lying on the grass in the backyard with Bru and really enjoying our engagement for the first time.  (I know that's two, but they're related so it's not really cheating!!)
3. The moment I first held Ronnie's hand during our wedding ceremony. (And the rest of our ceremony and reception, and honeymoon, and life ever since.... ok cheating is over I promise!!)

Your turn!  Answer 1 or more of these questions in the comments!


  1. Haha, I can think of one more "accident" you didn't mention involving a pole and aimless driving :) Good times.

    I am also VERY bad at saying no to things I don't want to do, I'd like to think I've improved in this but not much!

  2. Haha I completely forgot about that! Oops! I'm glad your neck didn't suffer any temperament injury!

  3. And by temperament, I meant permanent!