Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mt. Monadnock

 Last weekend the hus and I hiked Mt. Monadnock.  We planned on doing the hike on Sunday, but Ronnie was able to take Friday off from work and when I came home from my fantastic 9am massage he said, "get ready, we're leaving at 11."  I love when he is spontaneous, especially because he knew how much I was looking forward to the hike.  It was a beautiful day, and the weather forecast for Sunday wasn't looking so good, so we packed our backpacks and headed out!

There are a few routes to the Mt. Monadnock summit you can choose from.  We chose the White Arrow Trail via Old Toll Rd.  It was easy to get to from our house, and a moderately difficult trail, which was perfect for us!

The Old Toll Road Trail was an easy, gradual ascent.  We chatted and enjoyed the beautiful scenery, while I fantasized about living in the woods with all the little forest fairies.  And I'll just keep on going with my hike recap as though fantasizing about living with fairies isn't at all weird...

We came to a clearing just before the Old Halfway House Site and found a beautiful view awaiting us:

Then we kept on a-hikin'.  White Arrow Trail is a very rocky trail, so definitely watch your step be careful for loose rocks, aka ankle-twisters.  

I was pleasantly surprised that Ronnie, who is notorious for spraining his ankle on flat pavement, managed to make it through the hike relatively unscathed.  At one point he did yell out, "Ouch! [slight pause] Just a minor, minor ankle sprain!"  *sigh*

The While Arrow Trail has a false summit, meaning that what looks like the summit is actually a small ridge on the way to the actual summit.  It can be a little frustrating when you get to the top of what you thought was the summit, only to realize that you still have a ways to go.  Fortunately for us, this trail wasn't particularly long, the false summit was very close to the real summit, and it gave us a nice photo op:

As we got closer to the summit, the hike got much steeper.  While I agree with the classification of a "moderately difficult" hike, it should be noted that you will definitely be using hands and feet to scamper up the last 1/2 mile of the hike.

Luckily White Arrow Trail is very well marked.  Can you see that tiny white arrow on the rocks in the pictures above?  That's where we were headed!  Once we tackled that last big peak we had reached the top!

Here we are at 3,165 ft!

It was beautiful and definitely worth the effort!  As usual, it was a little breezy at the top, so I came prepared with a jacket.  We stopped, ate some granola bars, and enjoyed the view for a while.  Then, it was time to hike it back down.  Some of the steeper spots at the top were a little tricky to navigate, but overall it was an uneventful decent.

And we made friends with a little chipmunk:

It took us about 3 hours round trip, including a few water stops and our time relaxing at the summit.  After the hike we were starving!  Conveniently enough, we passed the NH Kimball's location on the way :)  Kimball Farms has, hands down, my favorite ice cream in the whole world.  Coming from a self-proclaimed ice cream connoisseur,  that's saying something!  With four locations, my fam frequented the Westford and Carlisle spots growing up.  This was an excellent opportunity to try the Jaffery, NH Kimball's.  Of course, it did not disappoint.  After our ice cream we felt rejuvenated, and headed home to that crazy dog of ours!


  1. That looks really fun! What a great view!!

    Cute little chipmunk!!! I'm also so tempted to touch them. hehe. I swerved the car the other day to avoid hitting a chipmunk on the highway. My fiance was not impressed. Lol!

  2. Thanks Amber! I love your blog! Kelly referred me to it and I think I'm in love with your new puppy!

    Chipmunks have to be the cutest creatures ever. I had a similar experience driving home from a friend's wedding last month and there were little toads hopping all over the road! My husband was not impressed with my swerving, either.

    Congrats on your engagement and keep us posted on wedding plans!

  3. I need to do this sometime- Eric and I are terrible at hiking when we are just home :) We seem to only do it on vacation.