Saturday, January 7, 2012

Love for the Elliptical

When we were dating, my husband invested in a really nice, gym quality Sole elliptical.  He loves the elliptical and it was definitely a worthwhile purchase for him.  I was not interested.  I know, I know.  Ellipticals give you a great workout with minimal impact on your joints.  But I love to run outside, and I just couldn't get into it!  Until... I got pregnant.

Before I got pregnant my exercise routine primarily included running, heated power yoga, and walking the dog, with some occasional hiking and biking.  While some women continue to practice heated yoga when they are pregnant, I am careful not to become overheated and opt for unheated prenatal yoga instead.  Prenatal yoga has been awesome.  My yoga studio offers an unheated prenatal yoga class once a week, and I continue to practice at home with a prenatal yoga DVD.  I feel blessed that I am able to continue my yoga practice while pregnant, but definitely miss my heated power yoga classes.  Running has been a challenge for me since I got pregnant, so that pretty much left walking the dog to cover my cardio.  While I love my Bruschi, my body (and my baby!) wanted more activity than that. 

In the beginning of my second trimester I found myself glancing into the office that houses our elliptical.  Should I give it another try?  Would it help me fill the void I used to fill with running and power yoga?  Let's face it, my outdoor cardio activities slow way down in the winter anyway.  So, it was worth a shot.

I am now an elliptical convert.  I'm able to enjoy cardio exercise without over-exerting myself.  I can monitor my heart rate throughout the workout to make sure that I am not exceeding a safe rate heart.  The low-impact nature of the elliptical prevents the extra baby weight from injuring my joints.  As a bonus, my clever husband positioned the elliptical directly in front of an old TV.  Now I enjoy watching some fave shows on DVD during my workout.  I'm so happy that I'm able to give myself and my baby the activity we need to feel great.

Swimming is great exercise for pregnancy!  I am not a strong swimmer, but have considered joining the Y to get involved in this sport.  I may not begin a swimming practice until after our little girl arrives, but welcome suggestions for a swimming newbie! 

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