Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Travel Tuesdays: Honeymoon in Costa Rica, Part I

Ronnie and I had the most amazing honeymoon in Costa Rica.  It was tough to decide where to go for our honeymoon.  I left most of the planning up to Ronnie, (he loves planning vacations as much as I do!), but deciding where to go was a joint decision.  Hawaii?  Nah, we'd already been there together.  Fiji?  Nah, so much like Hawaii, and we didn't really have enough time.  Italy/Greece?  Nah, December isn't a great time of year for Europe.  New Zealand?  Hmmm, New Zealand almost won, but like Fiji, we didn't have enough time.  Costa Rica?  Perfect!  I had been dying to go to Costa Rica forever!  It was a great choice for the time of year we were traveling, and it is totally right up our alley.  See, Ronnie and I are not "sit-on-the-beach-for-a-week-straight" kind of people.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the beach.  But let me put it this way: When we were in Hawaii in 2008 we left one day open for lounging around the hotel and hanging out by the pool/beach.  We were bored by 10am and went SNUBA diving. We like to be active when we're on vacation.  I don't really see the point of paying a lot of money to travel somewhere new and exciting, and then just sitting around all day, which I can do at home!

Costa Rica is perfect for adventure-seekers, lovers of natures, and those who enjoy a bit of relaxing and a lot of fun.  As I mentioned before, I had been dying to go to Costa Rica, and was secretly hoping the husband (or at the time, future husband) would agree.  He had been to Costa Rica once before with his family when he was little.  He remembered loving it, but couldn't remember much more than that.  Since his trip to CR was so long ago he was excited for a return trip.

My sister and her husband went to Costa Rica back when they were dating and highly recommended the travel agency Costa Rican Vacations.  When traveling to CR, most airlines will fly you into the capital city of San Jose, but the beautiful places to see in CR are all a few hours outside the city.  You definitely need to book your trip/transfer plans with someone who knows what they're doing!

After discussing our interests and preferences with our awesome travel agent, we decided to visit three locations in Costa Rica: Arenal, Monteverde, and Manual Antonio.  

San Jose
We were so excited when we finally arrived in San Jose, CR!  We postponed our honeymoon for about 6 weeks after our wedding, and traveled during my winter break from work.  We did go on a minimoon to the Mt. Washington Resort the weekend after our wedding, but we were so ready for our real honeymoon!  We decided to spend one night in San Jose, at the recommendation of our travel agent, at an inn called Finca Rosa Blanca.  We weren't expecting much from the hotel, since San Jose is not high on the list of places to visit in CR.  We were absolutely blown away by the beauty of of Finca Rosa Blanca!  It is an inn and a sustainable coffee farm located just outside the capital city.  The grounds were beautiful, our room had classic Costa Rican decor, and we had a great time.  I really wish we had planned to spend at least one more day at gorgeous Finca Rosa Blanca.

our hotel room
delicious dinner at the restaurant
amazing breakfast of fresh fruit and organic, sustainable coffee from their farm

Ronnie, relaxing in the shade on our huge patio overlooking the grounds
We were so sad to leave Finca Rosa Blanca after such a short stay, but we were super excited for our next stop!  Tune in next week for the recap of Arenal.

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